Get Fit the Qtapotamus Way

A crack team of Qtapotami will be conducting a special fitness class outside Ryrie’s Bar in Haymarket Terrace Edinburgh on August 7th at 13.00.

Initiates of the First Church of the Qtapotamus will take passersby through an exhaustive fitness session of eating biscuits and drinking fizzy pop, to make sure they too have a body like Qtapotamus.

The urban dictionary defines Qtapotamus as: Qtapotamus

An attractive female, who is overweight - people often say what an attractive face, suggesting the body is not so hot!

Look at that (Qtapotamus) she's hot

The word is the creation of Jules Maxine whose one woman show My Sister Says I’m Special is playing at Ryries.

The show – featuring music and comedy – takes place at Ryries Bar in Haymarket Terrace from 2.30 to 3.30 every day from August 2-25.

The 42 year old comedian – who has recently been a co-host with Justin Lee Collins on Fubar radio– shares her unique comic take on love, life, families, losing then gaining weight, and the things that make us happy.

In the words of one of Jules’ comic songs – it’s lies, all fucking lies. Our parents lie to us (this will hurt you more than it hurts me). Politicians lie to us (we will deliver what we promise in our manifesto). Companies lie to us (try this diet and you can lose up to two stone a month without missing food). Television lies to us (you can cook this nutritious and affordable meal in just 15 minutes for £5). Adverts lie to us (get a loan at affordable interest rates). Friends lie to us (you look lovely in that new outfit). Jules tells the truth.

During the show Jules talks and sings about the things we all care about. Relationships, sex, reality tv, social media, winning the lottery, payday loans – with a sense of absurdity, keen observation, and passion about the way families screw us up and the system screws us over. She says the things we all think but wish we had said – laughter as group therapy.

All this plus her own comic songs commenting on life, the universe and everything and a special appearance by the Qtapotamus.

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